On the Pedagogical Superiority of the Second Commandment

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

But, daddy, where is Jesus? I can't see him. He returned to his father, and sent the Spirit to us.

I don't like that, daddy. If Jesus loves me, I should see him. Jesus said it was better if he left and we couldn't see him till later.

But how will I know about him, the things he did? The way I do, sweetie. God taught men; they teach me; I teach you.

But how will I know that he became a man, a real man, a man man? The way I do, sweetie. Almost everything Jesus did is the same as me.

Watch me. Watch mom. Even watch the sour grouch who lives next door.

He did NOT just do what everybody does. A lot looked the same, but the OTHER stuff . . . And, the other things-- remember that word, "transfiguration"-- well the best I can do is tell you what Scripture says and be pretty amazed-curious-wondering as any other child.

I only know what he did because God wrote it in the book and the book describes Jesus as 100% man like any man and 100% God like the only God. And that 200% is a funny number (I told you about being 100% truthful, right).

You can know him 200% by living with His people, when we pray and sing and talk about him at the table-- you listen, and you'll start hearing how he is both but only one person (I know, the math thing-- remember how you thought the way I counted all the hot dogs with only one look was magic-- but I called it multiplication; it's not magic, it's an ordinary that you will get when you get bigger. Just keep watching.)

Daddy, you have never ever seen Jesus, have you? Not at all, right? Nope, not a bit of a piece of an ever.

But, you still love him so very much! Is that the Spirit? Is that the better? Is that why Jesus isn't here-here, see-here right now? He did say it was better. I don't think I can show you better until you are bigger, not that I know when that is. You are bigger than yesterday.

Well, mom said I ate twice my share of pizza, so probably. But you mean better is something I figure out as I get older? Is that how it is supposed to be? Well, Peter-- you remember who he is, right? Even though you have never seen him?

Daddy, you are poking. Yes, I remember: he was the fatty stickman on that Sunday school book at Aunt Lottie's. Now, I'm poking. He is one of the applstotles, the perfect messengers. You like to silly words. Who taught you that? Well-- back to better and being bigger to see the better. I want to give you one of the book sentences, one of Fatty Stickman's sentences. When you think about Jesus not being here, and you don't like it, come tell me and we'll enjoy this one together. And, yes, we'll have to talk about ten times to even know what we are talking about, but the sentence won't ever change, the mountain won't move just because we are climbing it:

"Though you have not seen him, you love him.

Though you do not now see him, you believe in him

and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory."

Gosh, daddy, that is a real mixed salad one. I get the point, don't see him, that's nothing new, Love, believe, rejoice-- is that the better? That's a good question. And how do we answer questions?

Yes, sir, o.k.: "By not ignoring OUR questions, by not shutting OUR ears, by not nodding like OUR sheep and by not demanding OUR answer today. We don't answer, OUR God does."

Daddy, I'm gonna talk weird like you when I grow up, aren't I. Oh, you'll talk better than me, better and better and better.


Benjamin T. Inman serves as a Teaching Elder at

Grace Presbyterian Church (PCA), in Fuquay-Varina, NC.