While Writing Divorce Letters

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

I would write

stars over sky,

to see the width beyond

to stare at less myth made of mere men

to stream past the scattered cast of silent unscribed lines:

the point of hip to

the angle of knee, then

achilles’ base and back curved best,

soft past to turned shoulder drawn to one wrist draped abreast;

but you baffled

over cloud cover,

leaking light and listless—

perhaps pollution or convenience

obscuring the points, the shine, the design.

Your array, the cut of your sway:

incongruent points and pointless lines askew—if

eyed from any ungrounded angle, as only distance, degree and magnitude;

but planted below, any where on earth,

and beheld from high, held in heavenly mirth—

the same sublimity, unique with symmetry

not naked so much as near and new each dew.

[nunc finis]