Identity of @knotsbetter Author Disclosed!

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Authors: Brother Sun and Tarbaby

Rev. Benjamin T. Inman, Ph.D.; Assistant Pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Fuquay-Varina, NC. Four adults call him "dad" and sometimes still even "daddy." A.K.A.: Ben, B-man, Been Jammin', the Dude, Comic Book Guy and yeah-that-jerk. One ought carefully to distinguish him from his brother, Rev. Jonathan Inman, an upstanding TE in the PCA. Also, there is an unrelated PCA church planter in Dunn, NC who gets asked about possible kinship.

He was the founding Campus minister for RUF at North Carolina State University (Go, Pack!) and subsequently the same at UNC-Chapel Hill (his alma mater). In the past he has served on and chaired the Administration, Nominations and Examinations committees of Eastern Carolina Presbytery. He taught Latin for a decade at an extraordinary Christian school, which tolerated and taught him a lot. He had a bad decade despite a lot of good stuff. He had a worse decade, despite holding on to most of the important things for most of that time. He has been criticized for being both vexingly specific and infuriatingly cryptic. (That's not exactly what they said.) is a poetry blog, expecting traffic of real friends and oddities attracted. The recent essays of interest were not commissioned, solicited or connected to anybody (as might be obvious). The first one was turned down by the somebody blog to which it was directly related. So, what does a nobody do? It's not like this is gonna mess up the arcane corner and a dozen buddies of the poetry. For the record, at least three folks are regularly here for the poems.

On the author side, every piece-- prose or bizarre-- has always had the author displayed. Unbeknownst to that primordial impulse towards fame that fuels the internet, clueless poet boy didn't know the site was anonymous on the user side. Not that anonymity isn't a preference; but it isn't a public virtue. Today when queried for the second time about the "real author" of @knotsbetter-- the technical team promptly scurried out their best intent. Yeah, so, making that change on Wix was not obvious and started looking dire. The settings haven't been fiddled with in 2 years, and Wix wanted-started-attempted updating/ installing/hanging. We closed that tab; sent the tech team home. Ain't broke; don't fix.

But, this disclosure is appropriate and requisite. And, yeah, with all this traffic (like, wow, I am nobody so very cool!) folks aren't even reading much of the poetry. IDK, look for this ball of dust to dissipate over the horizon or some technical change to happen. O.K., quickly, no.

So, yeah, that's it. Ben Inman, accidentally anonymous and good at it. Not really worth knowing, but some things are needful. Maybe you should get a dog?

​Got my own row left to hoe, just another line in the field of time.

When the thrashers come, I'll be stuck in the sun like the dinosaurs in shrines

But I'll know the time has come to give what's mine.


[Dude, ce français respectable said a semi-connected aspirational video is a good palette cleanser after a flourish of the intimate public self. Add one! And, jack up their volume if you can.]