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ByFaith's 50th Anniversary Homage for Sarah Young, author of Jesus Calling.

2023 celebrated 50 years for the Presbyterian Church in America. ByFaith, the official publication of the denomination, published a hardcopy 50th Anniversary Edition with biographical sketches of important PCA members over that half-century. Among them, ByFaith includes Sarah Young, author of Jesus Calling; in fact, the article introduces her as well known for the book, although little known as both a PCA member and missionary with the PCA's own Mission to the World. In some ways, that introduction is modest. It does not include the information in her subsequent ByFaith online obituary:

Young’s "Jesus Calling" books sold more than 45 million copies in 35 languages, making her the bestselling Christian author of all time.

The 50th Anniversary Edition, "The Wondrous Works of God (Psalm 111:4)," Q4, 2023 received only a small circulation; thus I post here a scan of the relevant pages.

From byFaith Q4 2023 - Sarah Young (1)
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