Black Trans Lives Matter Over Mind

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

(dedicated to the forgetting of poet laureate Frank Sherlock)


Not, either.

Not, all.

Not, each.

No, no, no; no, no, no!

All Both.

We need something more innovative than pronouns.

Because, hey,

don't eclipse down trodden people-- that's unjust.

It is worse--

keeping people

silent, silent, silent, silent, silent, silent


announcing silence

that shouts lies they never said?

Each, all, every, and, both are heinous?

It’s a simple question. Yes or no,

no place for equivocation, nor distanciation, no not empathizing.

Affirmation or denial, nod or shake, just a sharp break.

Of course, catch your breath.

Issues are much, more, fraught than they often suggest.

The conscience, the work, the struggle is exhausting and complex:

Have you stopped beating your two wives yet?

[Nunc finis]